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  • Gursharan Kaur

How to regulate your nervous system

We are living in times of great stress and great change. No generation before us has had access to so much information at their fingertips, at all hours of the day. While this allows us to help share knowledge and make a difference it also has an impact on our mental health.


Being subjected to an onslaught of traumatic images, videos and literature can have a significant impact on our mood, emotional & mental well-being. This leads to the stress mode (sympathetic response) being activated, which can be helpful for short periods of time. But if the body stays in the fight/flight mode for too long, there are a wide variety of detrimental effects to the brain and body.


It is vital that you take the time to rest & recuperate, which means making time to switch to rest/digest mode (parasympathetic response). If you consistently take the time to nourish your mental health, you can keep working/fighting at your best.







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