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What are my options?

One thing I strive for in daily practice is empowering patients. Patients are empowered when they are educated about their options and involved in the decision-making process. One part of that is knowing why certain tests are being run.

For some conditions, there are multiple tests that can be used to come to the same conclusion. For other conditions, there are very specific tests that provide the answer. Same thing goes for imaging. Often times, patients have options when getting diagnosed. The difficult part is advocating for yourself. There are some questions you can ask your doctor in order for them to explain why they are going in a certain direction with regard to your diagnostic testing.

That includes:

· Why are you running these tests (blood, urine, imaging, etc.)?

· What are you looking for?

· What are you looking to rule out?

· Is there another way to get that information? (different cost/ route (less invasive)/ method)

· Does the information you get from this test change my treatment options?

These questions can help you understand more about your condition and be more involved in how your health is managed. If your doctor is asking you to get testing done that is not within your financial scope, you can advocate for yourself to get a similar test (that cost less) that might provide similar answers that the doctor is looking for. In some cases, certain conditions will require very specific tests. Either way, the more you know, the more you can advocate for yourself in situations that provide you with options.

As always, you can do all your research with Dr. Google, but your doctor will let you know what your options are. If you need different options, find a naturopathic doctor!



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